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THANK YOU!!! Being a successful businessman/bachelor I don't always have time nor the mood to clean. I purchased this grpn because of a previously awful grpn cleaning service. Honestly, I didn't expect much better. Wow, was I shocked! 5 Stars! Highly Recommend!! Signed businessman/bachelor


I hate Mondays. I walked into my house after work on Monday and it was the best ever!! My house smelled great and looked better than it has in a very long time. Thank you to your staff for their hard work and especially the attention to detail that my house greatly needed. I can't wait until you come again!!


After a very long week at work our place was a mess. Having to work Saturday, too, I was at my wit's end... I can't express the overwhelming feeling of happiness I experienced when I came home to find a clean and pleasant smelling home! These ladies do such a great job and are always in good spirits. They get done what is needed and accommodate to our schedule. I would definitely recommend them! Thanks, Ladies!


I've tried alot of cleaning services, and am so glad I finally found the pampered family. I've got a great team. Stephanie, Nikki and everyone who has come to clean is professional and does a great job!

The Davis Family

Brittany, Victoria and Nikki did a great job with cleaning my home. Very through and detailed. Would highly recommend the Pampered Family.


As always, Brit and Nicki did a fantastic job sorting out my house from top to bottom. I really appreciate the attention to detail, every time they seem to get it just right. Thanks again!


The clutter and mess from the holidays is gone thanks to team Brit and Kember. My house is clean and beautiful again! Cindy


Stephanie, First off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Second, please give Kember and Leah another "attagir"l for their pampering on the 18th for your ongoing contest. I have to say that Kember and whoever she has with her consistently do the best job of the teams you send out to me. (Of course, I’m not considering when you are with a team.) And lastly those Cake Pops in the coffee mug are wonderful. My compliments to the baker! See ya on the 6th or so…Chuck


Kember and Leah did an Amazing job, my tile floors are really hard to clean and they did a great job on them.....Would absolutely use them again.

Chevon + Tom

All I can say is … another beautiful, clean home and one happy Mom! I'd rather be hanging out with my kiddos then cleaning my house. Thanks Brit, Victoria, and Kelly. You guys did an awesome job! Cindy


Kelly, Brit and team really did a great job this week and, as always, I enjoy not having to do bathrooms.


Kember and Kelly consistently do a great job keeping the place clean. Keep up the great work!. Neil


Kelly, Kember and Leah really did an over the top outstanding job this week. We are super freaks about our floors and the team goes the extra mile to make sure they look FANTASTIC. Thanks for all of the extras. Jake, the dog, says "thanks" too. He loves you guys as much as we do! Thanks for everything. You guys rock!


Brit, Kember and Nikki did a FANTASTIC job cleaning my apartment! As a first time "I want to try a cleaning service" guy and off a whim, I decided to try Pampered Family out and couldn't be happier. My only gripe is I thought only two ladies would be here when three actually showed up! I wish I'd have known for tips! Haha. Anyway, great job ladies. Thanks again. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Great to get home from a crazy day to an awesomely spic and span apartment. -Dave B.

Dave B.

Thanks so much for a wonderfully clean home every time you come. Kelly, Brit and Nicki do an excellent job!!


Thank you so much Stephanie (so good to see you) and Britney for my sparkling house. So thankful that it will be beautiful for all of my Thanksgiving guests…one less thing for me to worry about! Cindy :)


Brit and Teresa did a fantastic job getting my house ready for the holidays! Thanks again!


Perfect - Perfect - Perfect Thank you - Thank you - Thank you The team has been cleaning our house for over a year. As long as I am working, this is a luxury gift to me from me! Can't live without it!


The house looks great. A first time user, I couldn't have been more impressed with your service. thanks for a job well done.


Brit, Leah and Heather just did another awesome job in my house, as always. They are really professional and thorough. Thanks again!


Brit, Kember and Victoria: Once again did a great job cleaning my house!! thanks.


Britt & Nikki just finished cleaning, and they did a spectacular job!! I enjoyed meeing them, they were friendly and very efficient.


Kember and Victoria did a great job today. I Appreciate them doing a few of the little extra touches. Thank you Kember and Victoria!


Kember & Steph were excellent - great job within an efficient time frame

D. Harris

I am running out of good things to say. Have never been disappointed. Once again Kember and Nick did an outstanding job today.


Thank you for all your help keeping up on my house cleaning. A special thanks to Britt and Mae for their flexibilty today and working around some obstacles!


Victoria & Kember did a fantastic job... They did exactly what I needed to be done & were very quick.. Love the clean home.


Brit, Kember and Victoria are AWESOME! I love coming home to a clean house. I've been a customer for 18 months or so and it was the best gift I could have given myself... it takes so much guilt away and allows me to focus my limited free time on my family. I sing your praises to my friends and coworkers!


My first time with Pampered Family was great! Kember and Lean did such a great job. Their attention to detail was very reassuring in the quality of your work. I will use you again!


Britt, Victoria and Leah did a great job cleaning my house. I always appreciate them.


I just have to comment on my darling dream clean team! Brit, Teresa, Leah and Lyndiann are superstars. Always surprised at how above and beyond you girls go!!!!!!!! Thank you for making my life and home a cleaner, more organized place! Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brit, Nikki and Lyndiann were so nice and thorough! My house is spotless and they did stuff that I didn't even ask them to, like straightened my closet and folded laundry. I will recommend The Pampered Family to everyone!


Thank you Brit and Kember for another awesome job last Thursday. Not only are you two hard workers and get my house sparkly but you are very personable. I love having you in my home! Thanks again...Cindy


It is great to come home from work to a sparking clean house! Kelly, Brittany and Lyndiann were here and went above and beyond, cleaning an extra room! Great service and hard workers! Thanks Again!!


I have referred, "The Pampered Family" to several of my associates! They are prompt and professional. Thanks Brit and Victoria. Dan


Brit, Victoria, & Nikki did a great job on our house. The teams from Pampered Family always follow our requests, work hard, and the house looks great when we get home!


Thank you Brit, Kember & Victoria for your hard work.


Brit & Victoria did an awesome job!


Kember, Teresa & Victoria really worked hard and the house looks great. Thank you


Leah & Victoria came over to clean our apartment we just moved out of. They did a fantastic job and were very detail oriented. It was worth every penny! Thanks ladies!


The Pampered Family has been part of our family for a little over a year and have made our life so much better. Stephanie and her team are always so accomodating, dependable, trust worthy and always do such an incredible job. I'm quite picky and my house always looks fantastic. I have a busy schedule with owning a business and keeping up with family and The Pampered Family makes my life so much easier by taking away the worry of keeping up with the house too. I can relax always knowing my house is in good hands.


Kember and Leah did a great job. I had a one month hiatus, but the two of them whipped my house back into shape. Always a professional job!


I love coming home and finding a fresh and clean home! Brit, Kelly, and Kember did awesome this week!


Another great job by team Brittney, Nikki, and Lyndiann. My day was crazy and nice to not worry about a clean was sparkling! Cindy


I love the Pampered Family! I'm never happier than returning home after Brit & Heather have been here. Thank you!!!! Ann C


I started using Pampered Family about 4-5 months ago and I am so happy I did. Brittany and the gal/gals with her are such hard and thorough workers. My house looks amazing in two hours!!!! Thanks to you all, Stephanie.


These folks are absolutely amazing!! They get to know your home and just go to work and it is clean...WOW!! Our favorites are Brit, Kember, Victoria, Lyndiann, Nikki, and Stephanie. I guess they are all great. We have never ever been disappointed in their work...NEVER. They actually care about us and what is going on in our lives.


The team of kember, teresa and leah did a great job again. They did everything and it looks fantastic!!!


Kember, leah and lyndiann did a good job cleaning my house thanks


The Pampered Family does a wonderful job. They are thorough, dependable, trustworthy and friendly.


Thanks to Kelly, Teresa and Victoria for a great cleaning this week and for putting up with our singing dog!


Another job well done! Brittney, Tereasa, and Victoria. They were awesome as usual and did extras to make me sink/oven/and helped me out with cleaning where new appliances were being installed. I love this team! Thanks for my sparkling house!


Thanks Steph, Kember and Victoria for the wonderful job. It's always nice when I'm so busy to know I can come home to my bathrooms being clean. You guys are great and I can't thank you enough Sherry


Steph and the girls, Britt and Kelly have been taking care of my property for several years and I appreciate their work ethic. I've been very satisfied and recommend them often.


Thank you for a very nice 1st time-cleaner experience! Our house looks so much better thanks to you guys! Plus, the employees were so nice & accommodating, especially to my nuisance of a dog. Will definitely schedule regular cleanings. Thanks again!


Stephanie, just want to send you a quick note to thank Kelly and Teresa for the excellent work they do in cleaning my home. They are professional, thorough and always pleasant. Neil


Had the DREAM TEAM today! Teresa and Kelly got my house in perfect order! Thank You for everything!


I am always super pumped to come home on Thursdays because I know I will be coming home to a clean and shiny house. It's the best day of the week! Kelly, Nicole and Victoria rocked it out extra special this week and really went above and beyond. I love how they take care of my dog while they are at the house. Jake, the dog, loves cleaning day as much as I do! Thanks to everyone at Pampered Family. The Hollidays love you!


Once again I was not disappointed. Kember was my regular, and met Lyndiann for the first time. Both of them did another outstanding job. It is so nice just to set back on the couch, and watch the experts do it. Don't know wht I would do without them.


I am a new customer to the Pampered Family (4 months now) and I am very happy with their service. They always do a great job, going above and beyond my expectations. It is so nice to have a team come in and clean my house the way I would, freeing me up to do other things. Their team is always happy and personable. Thanks again for another great cleaning job Brit and Teresa. You two are awesome and I always love having you clean my house! Cindy


Thank you Pampered Family for cleaning our house! You and your team do a good job and always include additional areas if needed. I have previously recommended you to family and friends and I will continue to do so. We appreciate your services and I enjoy supporting local small businesses. Thank you again!


Once again, Pampered Family did a fabulous job. They leave the house in top shape and I breathe a sigh of relief that the house looks (and smells) so clean! Thanks Brittany, Victoria and Kelly for the service- great team!

Debbie Foster

Happy wife = happy family. Thanks so much to Kelly and her team for doing a great job each and every time you come.

Sheldon Foster

We have been using Pampered Family for over two years. I am always so happy when they come because my house will be clean and sparkly again. I appreciate Brit, Kember, Nikki and the others for doing the cleaning that I am unable to do. They are always cheerful and willing to let me clean along side of them. They have become friends that I look forward to seeing each week. Thanks, Stephanie.


We have enjoyed having the "pampered family" maids come to our home for over two years. The ladies have always done a great job of keeping our home clean, especially the bathrooms are sparkling clean. Brittany, Kember, Nikki, are the ones who have done an especially great job for us.


PAMPERED FAMILY IS BY FAR THE BEST CLEANING SERVICE I HAVE EVER USED! The girls always always do far more than they are asked, and they are just as sweet and cheerful as they are hard workers. SHOUT OUT TO BRIT AND TERESA - YOU GIRLS ROCK! My house (and all the other grossy stuff you cleaned up ;) ) was GGRREEAAATTT!


I just had the greatest gift ever, Kember and Brittany Pampered me for the day, Wow Lady's what a fantastic job, everything looks Beautiful. Thank you so much to The Pampered Family team you Gals rock!!!! Teresa

Teresa Bliss

I've been working side by side with these amazing women for over a year now and I've always wondered what it's like for our clients to come home to a clean house. Well, today I got the gift of a clean home and it feels amazing!! My house normally isn't too dirty but they managed to clean the things I didn't really think about. My home smells and looks amazing! I can spend the whole night with and rest of the week with my son and not have to worry about cleaning my home, they did a deep detailed cleaning. Thank You so much Kelly, Kember, Leah & Lyndiann!

Brit B

We had Kember and Victoria yesterday and they did a fabulous job. Completed everything on my list and did a wonderful job. Just love when they come

Jodi stowell

I’m been enjoying Stephanie and her staff for about four months and I am quite pleased with their service. They consistently do a great job and go the extra mile in my house. This week Kember and Victoria brought a steamer for my tile floor because they didn’t like the way it was cleaning up with hand scrubbing. No one else would go that distance!


I love it when the girls come to clean! Brit, Kember, and Lyndiann do a wonderful job..


I finally got the opportunity to meet Stephanie. Now I understand why all of her girls are so good. They take after her. Very hard working and do outstanding work. Had them here again today, and once again was not disappointed. I am so happy that I found them. As long as I am around they will continue to take care of my home for me. Thank you Stephanie, and the girls.


The team (Brit, Cherri, and Nikki) did a fantastic job, as always. I really appreciate their attention to detail, even arranging my daughter's stuffed animals on her bed. Thanks again! -Hal


I love The pampered family. They do a wonderful job of cleaning my bathrooms weekly. Today Brit and Victoria did a fabulous job. Thanks girls


I love the pampered family cleaning service...Britt, Kember and Lyndiann have never let me down with their service! I love coming home from a long day at work after they have cleaned. I would recommend them to everyone. They have even come over when I need on short notice due to unexpected guests. Thanks so much ladies for taking care of my house.


The Pampered Family has been cleaning our offices for quite some time now and always does a great job. If there is ever an issue, they always go over and beyond to make it right. Leah has been a fantastic staff member of theirs and always takes good care of us.


I had the pleasure of Brit, Leah and Lyndlann's services today and they did a fabulous job! This is the 2nd time I've used the Pampered Family (and the 2nd time Brittany has come out) and I am very pleased, again, with the great service we received. I will definitely be using your company for all of my cleaning needs. I've used other cleaning services before and this is the only company that not only does a great job, but they do it quick, so I save money, too. I really appreciate the pride shown in the work your company does - from the scheduling, to the cleaning. Very awesome and professional! Thank you so much!


I have tried many cleaning services over the years and the Pampered family is the only one I will ever use going forward. They do an amazing job every time. Brit, Leah and Lyndiann tackled an especially big job this week and did a fantastic job. Love the Pampered Family service!


I had Brit, Aidan & Leah who cleaned for me yesterday and they did a great job. This is the 2nd time I have had this service and the price and professionalism is great and will gladly use again in the near future. Thank you very much guys!!! Jackie


Great cleaning of my house yesterday. I'm looking forward to more consistent visits from your team. Thanks!


Dear Stephanie I am a flight attendant and have been for 20 years and not once have I ever came home from a trip and my house looked better than when I left! I can not tell you how great it was to come home to a beautiful clean house. Your employees Brit, Kember and Leah did a fantastic job and I am so over the moon. They had to deal with my two teenage children and still were able to accomplish everything I had asked for and a whole lot more. I am completely impressed with your company and will recommend them to everyone I know and use you again myself. Thank you for a job well done! Very Impressed Thanks Heidi Christensen


I've been using The Pampered family regularly for years now and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cheerful crew delivering a clean house! Today Teresa, Brittany and Kember showed up just as I was walking out. I felt completely safe leaving them alone in my house with my dogs. I was so happy to return home to a wonderful clean house! Thanks to the crew for all the hard work today! I'm ready for the weekend!


The team from The Pampered Family is the best. We just had Theresa, Nicki and Kelly here yesterday and they had all three floors cleaner in two hours than I could get in two days! It is a huge stress relief and everyone in the house is happier after The Pampered Family has been here.


I have had service from Pampered Family for over 2 years- they are the best! They are courteous, efficient and clean our home with the care and detail beyond what I do myself. We have also used them to clean our former home prior to putting on the market, once we moved and prior to moving into our new home- we completely trust their work and their ethics. Thank you for the time to spend with my family, while alleviating the stress of cleaning- Stephanie, Kelly and the rest of the team will exceed your expectations!


After two years of taking care of my wife and home due to my wife's illness, and when she passed away I was at a complete loss of what to do. I sure didn't want to take care of the house. I was at a complete loss. Then I found you. I have had you come in and clean my my home twice, and I am so very happy with the outcome. I promise you that you will be a part of my life for a long, long time. Thank you!


I just came home to my beautifully cleaned home and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for everything! As a expectant mother, nothing is as wonderful as having a clean home. Thank you for doing what I was not able to do for myself!!


I cannot thank the Pampered Family enough. Stephanie and her team always go above and beyond to care for our home. Our house has never been this clean and organised. I know that they treat our belongings with complete respect. I am so grateful to have found this service, and so is my now-pampered family!


I would recommend Pampered Family to anyone! I am in a business where I frequently give my clients gift certificates, and my favorite gift cert to give is a Pampered Family Certificate. They are the best!


Let me tell you something about these spectacular women - they make my life a happier, more peaceful and definitely cleaner place! I love them! They have cleaned for me three times now, and although it seems impossible to improve on each of their visits, somehow they do! I can't begin to say how impressed and pleased I am with them. They are professional, friendly, quick and so thorough. They have truly exceeded my expectations...and then some!


After having an accident and am no longer able to do my own cleaning, I was very hesitant about having someone come into my home to handle this task. However, I am glad I have found the Pampered Family. As I am resting in my chair of my nice clean home (as they left only a few minutes ago)it is awesome. I have a lot of hardwood floor and it looks great!! They were courteous, on time, and worked hard. I love the multiple crew style of in and out too. If their fun meals are as good as their cleaning, I am adding one to my list next time. Thank you, Sharon


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have been doing. I can't tell you how much better it feels to have my home back under control. I really appreciate that you offer multiple services and you are trustworthy, do a great job and your rates a very reasonable. My only regret is that we did not find you sooner!


I would definitely recommend The Pampered Family. Stephanie and her staff were amazing! They exceeded my expectations and cleaned my house the old fashioned way. The results were as though they has spent a full day at my house and were only there for half that time. If your wondering...give them a try I am glad. I did!! The best thing I have done for my peace of mind.


WOW! Thank you Stephanie and Kelly. You were amazing and worked fast and hard. My house looks great and smells great too! I will recommend you to everyone I know. I have never had a cleaner do such a great job. You are trustworthy and referable. I look forward to your next visit!


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