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The Pampered Family is proud to offer these unique world class housekeeping services to you every time you invite us into your home. The first time we visit your home our signature housekeeping service will be billed at an hourly rate. Once we have a feel for what your home requires, further routine cleanings will be billed at a per visit flat rate.

   Signature Housekeeping Services
  • All counter tops and appliances including stove, fridge, and microwave cleaned
  • Sink sanitized, dishes washed, and if applicable dishwashwer emptied
  • Pantry lightly cleaned and organized (if desired)
  • All cabinet doors cleaned and polished (if desired)
  • All sink areas sanitized
  • Mirrors and fixtures polished
  • Toilets thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized
  • Bathtub, shower, and tile sanitized and polished
Bedrooms/Living Areas
  • Wash, dry, and replace sheets with turn down service
  • Hand clean/dust all surfaces including knick knacks
  • All windows sills hand cleaned and blinds lightly feather dusted
Throughout Your Entire Home
  • All tile/linoleum floors swept and mopped the old fashioned way
  • All carpeted floors vacuumed and edged. All light weight furniture will be lifted for best results
  • All hardwood floors swept and damp mopped
  • All garbage cans changed and wiped down
  • All doors cleaned and hand sanitized
  • All lighting fixtures dusted
  • All floorboards cleaned
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Sweep Garage
  • Additional Laundry Services available upon request

Cats & Dogs
  • Clean food/water bowls
  • Clean bedding
  • Change litter box (for cats only)
  • Vacuum furniture
** We will use our cleaning products or use yours if requested. Green cleaning products are available upon request.
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